Arcadian Records: 5 Year Compilation Album

Thats right!?!?! Are you as ass-slapping excited to here about the Arcadian Records compilation album, as we are to inform you. The best thing about this marvelous, cornucopia of awesome (#adjectives, #fuckyoumadlibs), is that this is a legitimate compilation. We are not taking money from bands and asking them to pay for a spot on our comp…No, we are not ass-bags. The Arcadian Records compilation: tentatively entitled “Arcadian Records: 5 Years Behind the Peel” will feature only artists we have signed, recorded and or/produced over the past 5 years (ya know, in the same great tradition of all those Epitaph, Fat Wreck Chords and Nitro Records Comps from the 90s).

The album is scheduled for release on August 15th, Tape and CD release is set for Nov. 15th, and Vinyl release will be set for March of 2018. More info to come.

Via Con Dios.

The Guy Cory Likes Better Than David. 🙂