Katie Dayton’s Debut Album Now Or Never Released

Today we are pleased to announce the release of the first full length album of our Country/Pop artist Katie Dayton. The album is ten tracks of pure song writing genius that you’ve come to love from Katie. The album, which was written entirely by the nineteen year old artist, is available starting today in all major digital marketplaces.


  1. Stay
  2. Just a Song Away
  3. Between Us Two
  4. Take a Chance
  5. Jessica’s Song
  6. Catch Me
  7. Here Comes the Rain
  8. My Way
  9. Over You
  10. This Time Is Ours


Now or Never is the first full length album from singer-songwriter Katie Dayton. Her masterful blend of country music’s sensibility and pop music’s ear catching melodies are expertly presented across ten timeless songs. Themes of heartbreak, family, becoming independent, and self empowerment make Now or Never a timeless instant classic. Buy your copy today by clicking the icons below and become an instant Katie Dayton fan for life.

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